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This picture was taken by Stephanie de Leng

and she has given me permission to show it

'I'd like to teach diversity to other truck drivers' ... Vikki-Marie used to be in the Army

Here Is My Beautiful Daughter Nat Nat          

   I love her with all my Heart   


My Name is Vikki-Marie Gaynor and this is the site I use to post things that I use on social media as well as stories that are about the fight for acceptance and people who identify as Transgender or Trans.


I am probably the most infamous Trans person who works in Logistics and training as my past has been filled with the most amazing people and some superb events as well as much heartache and pain due to being a former victim of Transphobia and all the problems you get from Transitioning within the workplace while in a trade that I feel is struggling to accept working alongside my community.


I have been honoured by many people in some fantastic ways and have been in the press and on television/internet for many of the positive things that I have done with my life since 2007 when I decided to become the person that hid in fear inside ME!,

If you need to ask if this went well then I feel a little search on the internet of my YouTube might answer that one, as my journey has been a very bumpy ride with many haters out there who have caused me problems.

I live every day to the full, working in the Logistics trade training drivers on all classes of HGV/LGV which is one of the trades I have and one that allows me to be myself without fear or prejudice as the skills I have learnt over my 30 years + of driving LGV/HGV is being put to use on many national contracts.


The links on this site lead to my social media,,,