My Knowledge of Photography has increased substantially since I started this and I have been witness to some excellent days, including the Sunrise in-between the Spires of the Liver Buildings, some fantastic colours that have filled the skies and clouds which have made for some great pictures, I will show some on this site but the ideal thing would be to attract the attention of advertising that wants to use these pictures to highlight the Beauty

that is


None Of My Pictures Have been Computer Enhanced, They are all as I took them on the Day!!


But they are for Sale on request,,,

I aim for a reflection or something in the picture that hides the true image, while adding to the Picture a perspective.

this can be Chains, Bars or Just about anything really.


For Many Years my own Reflection was never the way I wanted it too look, and this was difficult for me to deal with as I saw my reflection in the Mirror, but I felt different to how this mirror was telling me I looked.

I have come to terms with this issue when I entered Transition as


I have had to fight a lot more than I Ever expected and had not planned for some of the treatment I have had to endure, however I have said this many times since 02-02-07 (when I changed my Name and Gender to Female)


“If I die Tomorrow, I can deal with it as I have managed to express MY TRUE SELF now for over 3 years and I am Truly Happy with the Choice I made”

It has cost me My Employment, My Dignity (due to Negative people and attitudes), Family, Friends, 2 Teeth and six Stitches in my forehead and I do not Regret Becoming


Miss Vikki-Marie Gaynor


My Friends have been Amazing through all of this,,

I thank them for their Support,

Without them I would have not been able to get this far.


Thank you to ALL My Friends




Mum, I Love you Lots and feel Blessed to Have you