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I support and work with The Michael Causer Foundation as often as possible as they are working to help the LGB&T youth in Liverpool and this is something that is needed, I have Made some Videos for them and they are on my YouTube as well as being available on there web-site, I will continue to support them,, and Walk with them in Pride Liverpool


Please Support this Foundation and the Events they organise to raise funds,













A Photo Blog that a Friend did, She took a photo a day for a whole year and I was asked to be the subject for this,,, with a Lovely write up about me !!


Tim Brunsden and Andy McCann made a Mini Documentary about me , it was made as part of a Competition and took 5 days from planning to final edit and submission,

We made it into the last 50 from over 12,ooo entries from 12 countries, IT also has a place in the IMDB which for me is such a fantastic privilege,

I was asked to be the Training DVD for West London Mental Health Trust, on GENDER and the treatment of Trans Patients, and I was so pleased when this Video was accepted and is now on the NHS intranet training section

Pink Past and Present is a Documentary that I helped to Film, Plan and Promote for First-Take,

It will be released onto DVD soon and it has so many people in it that are Household names, to be included in this film is such a special part of my life as I worked with PPP for over 2 years,

Mother Truckers was on Channel 4 and is still on 4oD click on the pic to view it,

I was the last 12 minutes of the film about Female Truck Drivers and the way the industry views Women Drivers,

It was Great fun to make and I met so many nice people during the filming

I am a BIG Fan of the Lizzy the Lezzy Cartoons on YouTube and when I was asked would I like to be immortalised in cartoon for TDOR I was so HAPPY,


Not only is this video Fun but it was made to support Transgender Day of Remembrance which makes it very special for ME !!!

The Voice of Vikki-Marie is taken from the Video Above “Transition” and then edited into an interview with Lizzy


Also please Take the time to watch the Video by Tim Brunsden, it was a great day and all to raise an awareness to issues surrounding HATE crimes (Transphobic and Homophobic), it was supported by Enough is Enough run by The Lesbian & Gay Foundation

My Speech that I read During Michael Causer 2nd Vigil

THIS Video is all my own work and I made it to mark the 1st year Vigil as well as to get people to work together to end HATE Crimes,

All Pictures and footages was taken by Me , and I am so proud of the finished item,

I hope you enjoy it

This was something I made for all those people who are NOT able to get to a Poppy Day Parade due to illness,

SO I filmed a Sunrise with the Wallasey Cenotaph in and placed the Full Timed 2 minutes silence in so that people can pay the respect in the comfort of there own home,

This picture was taken by Stephanie de Leng

and she has given me permission to show it



'I'd like to teach diversity to other truck drivers' ... Vikki-Marie used to be in the Army

Here Is My Beautiful Daughter Nat Nat          

   I love her with all my Heart